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Dedicated to road safety and the safe transportation of dangerous goods

Rikers Road Side Services


Welcome to RikersRoadSideServices!

Behind RikersRoadSideServices.Com are dedicated people who are committed and passionate about road safety and safer ways of transportation of dangerous goods, providing our readers with useful information about road safety, dangerous goods management and training courses, as well as general awareness training.

As RikersRoadSideServices is dedicated to road safety, we will be talking more about the proper ways of transporting of dangerous goods by road, certified ADR training programs for drivers, and the important role of a dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) working in companies that transport hazardous/dangerous goods or materials around the country.

The companies or businesses we affiliate ourselves with are certified experts when it comes to DGSA support and ADR training courses, as well as the go-to experts in dangerous goods transportation and management field.

Our Mission

The mission of RikersRoadSideServices is to maintain and help promote further improvement in the safe road transportation of dangerous goods/hazardous materials throughout the UK and Europe.

We can do that by providing education, sufficient knowledge and assistance to both private and public sectors. Our readers can get in touch with us immediately for any issues related to transportation of dangerous good, as well as health and safety.

Once again we welcome you to our official RikersRoadSideServices website!

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